hunting DVD

hunting DVD

Lowland Mulies: Mule Deer Country, Karma DVD
By Steve Alderman
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Mule deer hunting at its finest from Idaho to Old Mexico. Watch as two monster Desert Mule deer hit the dirt. One of them is the largest Mule deer ever harvested in Mexico with a muzzleloader scoring 208 gross. There are 12 action packed hunts including 4 from Sonora Mexico.

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Big Game Addicts I and II, 2 disc set
By Stokes' Trophy Quest
$18.00 Free Shipping


There are 39 on screen harvests and over 4 hours of video in this 2 disc set. There are hunts for alligator, Mule deer, Whitetail deer, Rocky Mountain elk, the grand slam of North American sheep, antelope, Shiras and Canadian moose, Mountain caribou, Black bear and Mountain lion.


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GLP: DIY Adventures in the Gray Light
By: Marlon Holden
$19.95 Free Shipping


“DIY adventures in the Gray Light” promises to get the juices flowing with lots of footage and entertaining dialog! They are 100% bow hunting adventure! A true spot and stalk film! Join Marlon, Alisha and friends on their epic journey as they embark on a trip in their quest for North America's famed Mule deer species and sub species. Traveling to four states across the West overcoming the rigors and challenges mentally and physically of taking on these smart and cunning animals. You will experience for the first time two true California Pacific Hybrid deer hunts, two giant Arizona archery bucks and a velvet beauty from the high country! Mostly public land DIY!!! They never claimed to take the biggest bucks, they just hunt hard and love every minute of it!.

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