Tim Mazac

I am 36 years old and live in eastern Oregon. For the past 16 years I have been married to my wife Jean and we have been blessed with 4 beautiful children. Jean and I enjoy the outdoors and spend a considerable amount of time pursuing big game. Last years highlight was watching our 14 year old daughter take her first Mule Deer. Since the early nineties I have almost exclusively archery hunted in Oregon and Idaho. I have been on just about every type of hunt from shooting squirrels to “pack in” wilderness hunts. I have harvested a variety of big game animals in the north west including Antelope, Mule deer, White-tail Deer, Black Bear, Elk, Moose and Big Horn sheep. I love to share hunting stories with buddies and continue to learn and share from my experiences in the outdoors.






Jean Mazac

I live in the high desert of eastern Oregon where I was born 34 years ago. I am proud to say I have been married to the love of my life and hunting partner Tim Mazac and we have 4 great kids. I am a self employed photographer and operate a house cleaning service. Spending time in the outdoors with my husband and family is my passion and I am very thankful that I have had the opportunity to experience some of the most beautiful country on earth. I have harvested several nice Mule Deer and Elk as well as a 174 inch California big horn sheep. As well as hunting I like to hike and mountain bike. I look forward to each new season and the surprises and challenges it brings.














My name is Matt Starley, I'm 23 years old and currently a student at OHSU dental school. I received my bachelors degree in biology at Western Oregon University where I played football for four years while I worked on my studies.

I grew up in Klamath Falls Oregon where at a young age my passion for the outdoors developed and thrived into a consuming obsession. Many of my aspirations to succeed in life have came from my desire to live an outdoor lifestyle. I enjoy doing anything outdoors but there are definitely a few hobbies that I truly love more that others. My number one outdoor obsession is archery hunting elk, deer, and whatever else I can draw a tag for. With school and playing football in high school and college my time and opportunities were somewhat limited; however I managed to sneak away whenever the opportunity arose. I also am an avid winter steelheader who loves to take the drift boat out everyday possible during the winter months. Mix in some awesome goose and duck hunts and you are looking at how the majority of my free time is spent. I'm a laid back guy who really enjoys to laugh and have a good time whether it be with family, friends, or new acquaintances.













My name is Eric Strand. I am 23 years old and currently live in Monmouth, Oregon located in the heart of the Willamette valley. I recently graduated from Western Oregon University with a BS in Marketing and a minor in entrepreneurship. I spend well over 100 days a year in the field chasing ducks, geese and turkeys across the western U.S. and Canada. I currently work for Bill Saunders Calls and Gear, Dave Smith Decoys and Ducks Unlimited. This year will be my fourth year serving as a board member for the Oregon Waterfowl Festival, a waterfowl festival held each summer here in the Northwest. I enjoy every aspect of hunting but what I hold closest to my heart is the calling and communication with waterfowl and turkeys and soon elk. I started hunting and calling when I was 15 years old. My life was quickly taken over by my new found passion for hunting ducks on a nearby refuge, Sauvie Island. This passion led to a full blown obsession and I can't imagine not being a waterfowl hunter, every aspect of the hunt from the decoys, blinds and dogs to the calling, scouting and friends made along the way, I just love it. My obsession has taken me all over the west and Canada along with parts of the south both hunting and competition calling. Competition calling is a great way to make the off season just that much shorter and hopefully make me a better meat caller.

My new found passion is photography and cinematography. I enjoy carrying a camera just as much as a gun at times and the trials and tribulations associated with trying to capture the feeling/excitement of the hunt on film. When I'm not hunting, calling or taking pictures/filming I enjoy fishing and spending time with my family and friends.






I am 24 years old and living in Boise Idaho.  I moved here a little over a year ago from Bozeman MT after graduating from Montana State University.  I am a registered nurse and working in oncology at St. Luke's Regional Medical Center.  

Thanks to my dad I have grown up being involved in the outdoors and have fell in love with hunting and fishing.  Growing up I mostly hunted for big game, but I have recently started bird hunting and it has been a blast! I also have only been hunting with a rifle but I am interested in starting to archery hunt now that I am done with school and will have more time to spend in the outdoors!  I have also always enjoyed fishing and spent a lot of time lake fishing with my dad, but fell in love with fly fishing during college.  

Throughout my last year of college I learned to fly fish thanks to some great friends who were also great teachers.  I am looking forward to expanding my hunting experiences now that I am in a new area and am excited about having some new hunting partners too!










My name is Ryan Crane, I am 26 years of age, I have lived in eastern Oregon all of my life.  I have had a passion for the outdoors since I was old enough to walk. I spent many of my younger days trailing the footsteps of an uncle of mine, Tom Tucker. There were a lot of years that I was not big enough to hold up a gun or cast my own pole, though I could pull the trigger and reel them in all day long. Thankfully for me, Tom had the time and patience to teach me the basics and ethics of the oudoors, everything from camping to fishing and hunting before he passed away.

Today I enjoy spending time in the hills with friends and family. I fish throughout the year, I do a lot of bird hunting, mostly waterfowl and I still do some rifle hunting, though my biggest thrill anymore is the pursuit of big game with a bow. I also enjoy photography and have found that when it comes to friends and family the stories are always better with a few photos. Unfortunately, there were several years in the past that I had a bad habit of not taking a lot of photos, not realizing the importance of them, especially harvest photos.

I currently work for the Bureau of Land Management, where I have been for the last eight years.  Over the years my biggest obsession has been taking the younger generation hunting or fishing whenever the opportunity arises. From my point of view this is very important whether it be my own children, niece or nephew, or